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Ray Weishaar

Lawrence Ray Weishaar (September 9, 1890 - April 13, 1924) was a Class A Racing Champion in the 1910s and 1920s. He rode for the Harley-Davidson 'Wrecking Crew,' and helped to popularize the nickname 'hog' in reference to Harley-Davidson by carrying the team's mascot, a small pig, around on victory laps.

1919 Video of the Marion Cornfield Classic

Cornfield Classic

His greatest victory was in Indiana, in the Marion Cornfield Classic Road Race, which took place in 1920. He won the race, as well as beating the standing race record by 18 minutes.

The Harley-Davidson team's mascot was a small pig, which they would take around the track with them on victory laps. Weishaar was particularly fond of it, and many photographs exist of him and the pig. It is because of this mascot that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are called "hogs."

Hog Daze honors this 1920 Marion International Motorcycle Race where the first Harley victory lap with a live pig took place earning Marion the title "Home of the Hog."

The team became known as “The Hog Boys.”


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